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Car & Tyre Safety Checks in Essex

This is an illustration of why it is so important to get your tyres checked!

The first picture is what the owner of this tyre could see and he firmly believed his tyre was wearing down but still legal and safe to use.
The second picture showing the inside edge of the tyre, where the tyre had worn to expose the wire banding!

Here at JPS Motors we can check the tracking and make any adjustments needed to the steering. Lots of steering damage can be caused by pot holes and speed humps and you may be unaware that this has happened and your tyres are wearing so unevenly.

JPS Motors can supply and fit a range of Budget to Premium grade tyres –  balancing is carries out on our computerised wheel balance machine.  JPS Motors can also check the vehicles tracking to avoid your replacement tyres wearing on the edge.  Correct tyre pressure will prolong your tyres life

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